We are not just riding the waves—we are creating them, by introducing the most revolutionary, effective, and
eco-friendly method of processing wet textiles in the industry today.

Though TWP Wave, LLC is a relatively young company, it is wholly owned by Consultex Inc. which has been serving the Textile industry since 1972.  In 2015, Consultex Inc.’s president, Arne Niemann, purchased Tandematic, Inc., another company with deep roots in the Textile industry. Together, the Tandematic and Consultex team began to develop the backbone to of the TWP product line, The DualSonic.
Originally named Tandematic Wet Processing, LLC, the name was changed to TWP Wave, LLC in 2018 in an effort to abbreviate the name. To commemorate TWP’s heritage, the logo was made to resemble its Tandematic and Consultex roots.
In the 1st quarter of 2018, Mr. Niemann made the decision to focus all future resources solely on the manufacturing of DualSonic wet processing systems. Anything unrelated to wet fishing was sold to make room for the new TWP product line. The DualSonic is a culmination of extensive research and vision. With the help of a few key partners, the DualSonic is changing how the world wet-finishes its textiles. The DualSonic is able to address two key target markets: upgrades to existing wet finishing ranges and complete new wet finishing ranges.
TWP Wave, LLC is headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. There, it designs and manufactures all its products. The TWP Wave may just be getting started, but the core principles(?) which distinguished Consultex and Tandematic from its peers remains its motto(?), i.e., TWP remains dedicated to manufacturing the best machinery in the industry and providing the best customer service in the industry. We invite anyone interested to see the difference {and ride the wave] first hand and understand why TWP Wave, LLC is the right choice for you.



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